Haiti is ...

Haiti is marvelous. Haiti is awful. Haiti is hot. Haiti is beautiful. Haiti is devastatingly poor. Haiti is amazing. Haiti is where I am as you read this. The people are great (is there a people in the world about whom that can’t be said? I doubt it.). My church has a wonderful relationship with a lovely church in Arcahaie, which is about an hour north of the capital, Port-au-Prince. Since we have been working with the people of that church since 2013, we have developed a friendship with many of them that transcends time, distance, language and culture. It’s pretty amazing. When my husband was sick in 2015, I believe these faithful Haitians’ prayers were part of the reason he’s still alive.

State of Emergency

As I sit to write this blog post, I stare out at the blanket of snow still covering my yard shortly after our first real snow fall of the season. To some, its late arrival (mid-March) was met with angst as we have had several days of near summer temperatures to tease us of what lies ahead. I have heard others remark with delight to finally have a “snow day”. A Facebook post on my news feed reflected such joy as someone commented on Governor Wolf’s state of emergency declaration - “a real day off without guilt.” I pondered this response for awhile. From a mental health lens, it saddens me that we live in a culture that is so caught up in “busyness” that it takes a state of emergency to remove

Trusting Your Gut

Has this ever happened to you? There I am, driving home on I81 in the rain and fog. My phone alerts me to stopped traffic (not, unfortunately, unusual on 81). I quickly hop off at the next exit. I know the back route home – at least in daylight. I set my GPS just in case. Then it happens. I’m pretty sure I want to go straight, but my GPS is telling me to turn. I do what most rational people do and listen to my phone. After all, it’s a computer. It knows better. Except… After about 10 minutes driving through the fog I see a cluster of bright lights. Wait, what? My GPS, the voice of reason, had taken me back to the route it thought best, which happened to be I81. Still behind the accident I wa


I’m just about to have a few days off … I’m sure you’re scratching your head and asking, “What does this have to do with me?” Well, I’ll tell you … Research has shown that getting away from your job - from your routine - actually makes you more productive when you return. People who take a break tend to have fewer health concerns like cardiovascular disease or blood pressure issues, according to the Mind Body Center at the University of Pittsburgh. In addition, it seems that a vacation, or even just a few days away, can contribute to an elevated mood – to less depression and more positive emotions. Without the pressure to keep performing, people actually become more creative, says Robert Kre

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