Losing my voice

I had an entirely different blog topic in mind for this week--then the cold hit. Colds are no big deal and to be expected when one lives with a preschooler (or almost any kid). But this time, I ended up with laryngitis. Little or no voice. And guess what I do for a living (both livings) - yep, talk. I know that we lose our voices, both in physical terms and in personal/relational terms, rather easily. Sometimes something external happens - a virus, a job loss, a relationship loss or change, and you find you can't speak into the situation as you might like due to a lack of ability or position. Sometimes something internal happens - cancer, a new fear or perception of lack of power (all of whi

The perils of blogging

Throughout my life, writing has been great; enjoyable even. Through two Bachelor’s degrees, two Master’s degrees, a newspaper career and numerous newsletters, brochures and so on, writing has pretty much been a friend to me. Not so now. Who would have thought that the idea of a regular blog would be what it took to stymie those creative juices? To dry up any interesting ideas I once had? To bring me, sweating and nearly cursing, to my computer screen? Write a blog, they said. It will drive traffic to your website, they said. It’s easy, they said. I wish they were writing these blogs. So I’m slogging away, trying to make sense and be at least a little relevant: To give more than I take, to in

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