Two Weeks....Ten Minutes?

Stress in life is unavoidable but understanding your triggers and managing your self-care can make a significant difference in how you deal with stress. A strategy that I have found that works well is to be intentional about my “me time”and treat that time sacredly. I schedule time for myself by actually writing it on my calendar at least two weeks in advance. We all know that as work and social events get added to our calendar, the first thing to go is our “me time”. Our fast paced culture has ingrained in us that time for ourselves means we aren’t as productive or we do not work as hard. I have found the opposite is true. When I am rested and my joy bucket is full, I am much more productiv

Anxiety ...

I’m going to be honest with you. Maybe brutally so. I have almost never struggled with anxiety. HOWEVER … That’s a big however. Something happened to me that caused me extreme anxiety. This is the story (in part) of that time in my life, including some things that I learned, that I hope will resonate with you. When life gets crazy, anxiety is normal. However, it doesn’t feel normal. It feels scary. And out of control. It feels like your skin is crawling, and like you might have to jump out of it … it feels awful. My husband Pete was hospitalized in 2015 with a disease that kills about 60% of those who contract it. It was the scariest time of my life. I drove constantly between our home here

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