"Bye Bye, Stress- Finding Joy in Creative Expression”

What comes to mind when you hear the word creativity? Often, we confuse creativity with artistic talent. The phrase “being creative” is an over used term that has been applied to all areas of life from art classrooms to boardrooms. It implies thinking outside the box or coming up with something new. In this article, I am referring to the action of tapping into your creative self, or rather your joy source. I believe we are all highly creative beings. If you take a few minutes to think back to your most favorite childhood memories, chances are they include imaginative play and exploration that was not fearfully waiting for anyone else's approval. Have you ever watched a toddler’s enthusiasm a

Funny. Not funny.

I was in Haiti for maybe my sixth trip, all of which had been uneventful, safe and productive (albeit hot). We were traveling in caravan to Arcahaie, a town I had been through many times on our way to our hotel, food, and bed. Suddenly, a roadblock loomed ahead and our driver stopped, got out of the car, and started talking rapidly in Creole. The rest of us simply waited, at least until we noticed that the man standing next to the van had a gun. That changed everything. In an attempt to be humorous (which fell totally flat), I said, “Well, if we’re going to go through some kind of multi-day drama, I’m really sorry I’m wearing a skirt.” Nonplussed, the man next to me, Mark, replied, “You know

It's not a bad word

A recent conversation with my preschooler granddaughter: Me (for probably the third time): “Please pick up your toys, or it’s straight to bed.” Granddaughter, with “humphs” and a fair bit of stomping, picks up toys. Me: “Thank you.” GD: “Don’t say that. That’s a bad word.” Now, lately I’ve noticed that anything I say that she doesn’t like is a bad word. And she was mad that I made her pick up her toys. I guess saying thank you just rubbed salt in the wound. But preschool precociousness isn’t the topic of this post. Saying thank you is. We’ve all probably heard about or read posts about having an attitude of gratitude. It helps fend off depression and anxiety, plays a role in having a more op

What to do when your world falls apart

Pretty much the definition of your world falling apart is that it hits you without notice – one moment you are going about your merry way, doing whatever it is you do, and the next moment, BLAM! Your world falls apart. It may be that dreaded phone call that tells you a loved one is gone, a child is on drugs, a friend has done something unthinkable. It may be your spouse’s “I’m leaving,” or a horrific panorama on the evening news – for the umpteenth day in a row. It may be a beloved coach’s passing, or just a feeling that all is not all right with the world, and it never will be. It may, seemingly, be many of the above, all at once. How can you even begin to pick up the pieces? When your hear

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