Don't get old?

So, I hit another “milestone” – I need progressive lenses. When I asked the optometrist why I couldn’t function with single vision lenses anymore, she blamed it on my increasing seniority. In the middle of my mental griping, the thought went through my head: “Don’t get old, kid.” And I caught myself short. Fast forward to another conversation, just today. I was asked if I were still getting older. Of course I replied affirmatively. The response: “Don’t. Do whatever you can to stop getting old.” My response (after a moment of thought): “Well, I don’t like the alternative.” I recognize the frustration behind the injunction. I had said it myself with far less cause for complaint. How often have


January can be a time for indoor projects, organization, and cleaning tasks that we put on hold during the summer and fall. Don’t get me wrong, I am a summer girl at heart. I love the warmth of the sun, working outside, exploring nature and all the gifts summer has to offer, but I also love the quietness and simplicity of winter. As I write this blog, snow is gently blanketing my yard creating a clean white canvas. This brings to mind the calm that decluttering has brought to my life. I reflect on some of the lessons I have learned during my journey of simplifying. This is one of the things that I love about winter, cleaning! I should first share that I find cleaning therapeutic and relaxing

Looking forward, looking back, but staying in the present

I’ve been delaying writing blogs this year, already. And that’s kind of silly, since I know I’m eventually going to do it … why procrastinate? Why do I put off doing that which I know I should do until the last minute, or, in this case, long after the last minute (I planned this blog for last week, and had others ready, too, for before – they didn’t even get posted!) Maybe I should make that a resolution for 2018? How many of us make New Year’s resolutions? I know I am a chief culprit – making resolutions and then cheerfully (or not so cheerfully) breaking them when they get inconvenient. Or difficult. Or just too much work. Sigh. The world tells us always look forward – to anticipate our ne

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