Marriage 101: Fight fairly

Fighting is an essential part of any relationship. Wait! What did I say? You read right – fighting is often necessary to make marriage and other relationships work. So why do we do it so poorly? If you’ve been following along in this series, you’ll know that we’ve dealt with our top ideas for making your marriage better and then communication tips and hints. This week we’ll look at how to make those inevitable disagreements sting a bit less. Here are our tips for fighting fair: Choose your battles wisely. Is it really important enough to fight about? If you can forgive and forget it, do so. If you really can’t, then it might be worth a fight, and the fight will certainly be better if it’s do

Marriage 101: Express yourself!

It’s probably a cliché, but communication is the cornerstone of a good relationship. Most of the people who come through our doors say they struggle to communicate effectively and well. Sometimes they struggle over a single issue, and sometimes it really is that their overall communication is poor. In any case, there isn’t much else that can cause huge amounts of distress in your relationship but bad communication. Here are some tips for making it better: Express yourself in an open way. Don’t assume the other can read your mind. We hear all the time that, if you have to tell me what you want, it doesn’t count. The reverse is actually true – it means more if you know what I want and choose t

Marriage 101: 5 things to do now to get your relationship back on track

Let’s face it. Marriage is just tough. It’s also the best thing in the world. It’s hard to be selfless and to care about another as much as you do yourself, though that’s really what’s required for a good relationship. Often we see couples who love each other, but have simply run out of ideas to deal with life together – in other words, they have the will but are missing the tools to make things better. Here are our top five hints for making things better: Renew your friendship. To be successful, couples have to be friends as well as lovers, yet often the demands of daily life and the stresses of home, family and job create disconnect. Do what it takes to remember the early days of your rela

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