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field of dandelions near Sanctuary Christian Counseling in Shippensburg PA

This post is for the average. It’s an average post–nothing profound—of an average length on an average day.

I just want to give a shout out to the average among us. (Which is most of us.)

I salute those who go to work every day for an average wage doing a nothing-spectacular-but-necessary job often for a less than average return in terms of gratitude or recognition.

I salute those average parents and caregivers who balance family life and maybe jobs or school and the probably average number of colds and temper tantrums and spills.

I salute those who may never get their names in the paper (in a good way, and hopefully not in a bad way), who may never get a medal or win the lottery, who might get a signed copy from their favorite singer but will never be on stage, who may never file a patent much less have an invention or discovery named after them.

Thank you.

You are the ones who make this world work. You aren’t perfect. You may long to be anything but average. But you are important.

You may not stand out in a crowd, but you have stood up, stood by, stood with, or stood still for someone and changed his life.

You may not have a Martha-Stewart-creativity-neatness gene but you created a warm home filled with everyday, ordinary memories that will last her a lifetime.

You may not be a sports legend, but you showed up and played the game and encouraged or taught or just played with.

You made mistakes. You might have had a failure or two. But that makes you average too – we all do. And it’s those errors that teach us and grow us more than our easy successes or any supposed perfection. Besides, we put perfect people on a pedestal. Where we can’t really relate to them. And from which they tend to fall.

Average, for a person, is not mediocre. Average, as far as the world goes, is most of us because it just means we’re in the middle holding up the ends. It does not mean you are not unique. It does not mean you can’t make a difference. It especially does not mean you don’t matter.

You may not be a Special Someone, but to someone you are special.

And that, my friends, is extraordinary.


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