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Simon says... trust yourself

As a child, I remember playing Simon Says, where the game leader (Simon), would voice instructions to all of the game players to follow the commands given, but only when they were prefaced with the phrase “Simon says”. The goal of Simon was to create a level of distraction by speeding up the directives. When the players seemed to be reacting instead of putting thought to their actions, Simon would interject a command without saying, “Simon Says” to catch them off guard and eliminate them from the game. I am sure most of you remember this game too. Personally, I never liked playing Simon Says, mainly because I don’t like to feel rushed or pressured to make quick decisions. The game made me feel judged and like a failure when I messed up, not the best game to help promote self-esteem and independent thinking in children.

Lately, I have had similar feelings.

As our nation begins to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic , we will all be faced with challenging decisions regarding how and when to take those baby steps forward toward a new normal. With all of the conflicting information circulating, distraction is almost unavoidable. When we are distracted and overwhelmed, it is difficult to form rational thought. We can easily feel uncertain of what is best and start second guessing ourselves. We can find ourselves feeling angered by the level of anxiety and pressure that these distractions and uncertainties produce.

As a counselor, one of my main roles is to help empower my clients to trust their own judgment by exploring current situations and the feelings that naturally come to the surface. We embark on a journey together, navigating the sea of choices available to them, highlighting their strengths.

In these unprecedented times, try to remember that you have more control and power over your choices than you may realize. It may be helpful to answer some of the questions below as you prepare to make some of these challenging decisions for yourself and family.

Am I making the best decisions for my health and safety, as well as for my family and community?

Am I feeling pressured to make a decision I am not comfortable with?

In what way will my decisions impact others?

What are the short and long-term risks and benefits to my decisions?

Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Have I prayed about the situation and asked for God’s guidance and timing in making my decisions?

Do I feel heard, respected and able to share how I feel with others, even if I feel differently?

I know these are questions that none of us have been faced with before. Navigating these uncharted waters is not easy, but know you have probably made some other very difficult choices in your life and trust your judgement. Give yourself an abundance of grace and compassion in the process. Stay healthy and safe everyone.

Remember, at Sanctuary Christian Counseling, we are here to help support you during these difficult times.

You can reach us at or give us a call at 717.200.3158

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