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Nicole Hanson: A wonderful Sanctuary therapist with a passion for God's people, especially couples.

This is the fourth of our new blog series with profiles of each of our marvelous Sanctuary Christian Counseling therapists. We will run one on an irregular schedule until we hit all of us ... so stay tuned! This one profiles Nicole Hanson, MAMFT, one of the amazing Sanctuary couples' therapists.

Question: Why did you become a therapist?

Nicole: I became a therapist to help solve solve the problem of divorce within the body of Christ. I am so sad that the statistics are as high as those in marriages that are not influenced by the Christian faith. Over time I have seen the added value of being a warm, non-judgmental presence with whom others can process the struggles and the brokenness in their lives.

Nicole Hanson loves to help Christians live their best lives
Nicole Hanson, an amazing Sanctuary Christian Counseling therapist

Question: What kind of therapy do you love to do?

Nicole: I have completed the Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level One training and find delight in assisting couples with moving past dysfunctional communication patterns which may impact their marriage.

Question: Who do you primarily help?

Nicole: I currently work in community mental health and aid those who struggle with mood and adjustment disorders in addition to working as a couples therapist at Sanctuary Christian Counseling. I also assist clients with processing their intrapsychic conflicts through a biblical worldview.

Question: What interests do you have both in the therapy world and outside it?

Nicole: In therapy I am interested in utilizing systemic therapies to restore equilibrium to families and the lives of individuals. In my free time I enjoy saving money by creating restaurant-inspired meals at home, decorating, watching talk shows and listening to music.

Question: Tell us a little about you, personally...

Nicole: I have been married for 20 years to my college sweetheart and we have 2 children together.

Question: Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about you?

Summer is my most favorite season of the year.

You can find out more about Nicole Hanson, Sanctuary couples therapist, here and contact her at or at 717-200-3158.

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