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Restoring families

Family walking under trees near Sanctuary Christian Counseling in Shippensburg, PA. We do family therapy.
Sometimes families experience the same kind of stress that couples and individuals do, and they need help, too. We are experienced family therapists who offer play and art therapy for kids, as well as family therapy for the whole group.

The definition of family has changed over time, and when we think of "family" now, it can mean all kinds of arrangements that were previously unknown. Families are still important in the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental growth and well-being of each individual within them. One thing all families, however they are composed, have in common is a need for connection, communication and compassion.

In family therapy, the unit of therapy is the family as a whole, and each individual within the family is made stronger when the family itself improves.
We love seeing families who are stalemated coming together in new and surprising ways, learning that they can function effectively and successfully and support each member in doing so.

Andrea Geesaman, Jess Hundley,
Kristen Poppa, Joel Covert, Ashley Gaines,  and
Rebecca Troutman  all do family therapy. 
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