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Why we are over-the-top confidential

We keep your data in our offices. No where else. No one sees it without your permission. It's never shared in the cloud or online for any reason except by your request.

Why do we think that's important?

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Various cloud networks cover the world as a convenient way of storing and sharing information. However, a networking company recently reported that 80% of cloud security breaches involved privileged information*, such as the information in your health records. We want you to have 100% confidence that no one is going to see, download or alter your information from our records. We can promise this because we do not store any of your information, whether in electronic or paper form, anywhere except in our offices.

It's important to us that your mental health information remain private, between us and you. We think it's best if no one but you and your therapist have access to it. That's why we keep all of your records in our office, triple-locked. No paper or electronic records are ever out of our physical HIPAA-compliant storage files, unless you request it. In fact, even if you request a copy of your records, we request you come to our offices to do so in person so that we can be sure it's you, and we don't have to transmit any of your personal health information digitally.

The HIPAA standard is that information must be double locked. Ours is triple locked for your protection.


Of course, if you request it, we will share it with a third party, but if you choose never to reveal it to anyone, that's fine with us. We are most interested in preserving your records safely and confidentially, the way we would want our own to be protected.

And everything we use to do online therapy is completely secure, confidential and HIPAA-compliant. 

You are safe here!

*Cser, A. The Forrester Wave, Privileged Identity Management, Q3 2016.  Forrester.Com, 2016.

Because of this ... you're safe here!

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