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Connection for couples in conflict

If pain and disconnection in your relationship has brought you to this site, we're sorry you're hurting. We are here to help you find relief, regain hope and develop the tools you need to regain your happy marriage.
Seeing couples find their friendship again and discover that they can reconnect with one another with joy and hope is what we are all about.

We see couples who have given up, who stop talking for fear it may lead to fighting, who run away from each other because being close doesn't feel safe, and many who still care for one another but who have lost sight of their direction together. Often their friendship, trust and commitment have been wounded, and their communication and conflict management have been compromised.

Our confidence, developed from working with hundreds of marriages, assures us that we can help you make this better.
Our approach is mostly Gottman Method Couples Therapy, a research-validated effective approach that helps couples renew their friendship, manage conflict, repair breaches in trust and dream together again.  In addition, we all employ Emotionally-Focused Therapy, another type of therapy found to be effective in research trials. This therapy focuses on the emotions within each individual and what that means for the emotions between them, and how to use that emotional dance to bring about change and success in couples therapy.

It is important to us that we work together to merge your strengths and uniqueness with our experience to set and achieve goals particular to your situation. It is our hope and expectation that you will learn to laugh, love and connect again in new and exciting ways.

Andrea Geesaman,
Rebecca Troutman,
and Kristen Poppa work with couples and relational issues. 
Couple on the beach near Pennsylvania. We help couples in conflict find connection with couple and marriage therapy.
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