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Sanctuary speaks!

Speaking Engagements

Teal colored barn doors near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We love to speak about therapy and counseling to civic and other groups.

We are now available to speak to your group or church on many health and life related topics:


Relationship Hijacked-  how to cope when your relationship doesn’t follow the script.


Building Beautiful- helping adolescent girls build self-esteem and self-love in a modern technological world.


Discovering Beautiful- connecting and helping adult women lift the veil of shame and discover their true selves and beauty within.


Parenting Teens in an Anxious World - successful solutions to help you & your teen manage anxiety and stress.  


What Remains- providing support and helpful strategies in handling the unexpected changes and life transitions that follow loss.  


Give Your Marriage a Hand- exploring the ways you and your spouse can 

enhance your marriage and avoid relationship pitfalls.

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