Solutions for distressed teens and parents

Being a teenager today is not easy.

Even though there are many things that are exciting about living in today's world, there are also many things about it previous generations have not had to deal with. Peer pressure, bullying, body shaming, negative self images, increased societal trauma, social media issues, time constraints and the new normal of our busy 21st century lives mean that more teens today struggle with anxiety, depression, social issues, addictions and other disorders than any previous generation.

A recent study found that one in five (20%) teens struggle with a serious mental health disturbance*, which includes mood, behavior and anxiety issues.


Your teen is not alone in their struggles. You’re not alone either.

We can help. We have solid cognitive behavioral solutions for anxiety and depression, and many other interventions that work for teens. We can also help teens and parents forge new alliances, connections and successes.

Some signs your teen may need help include:

*obvious anxiety, depression, irritability or behavioral issues

*frequent stomach issues or headaches

*constant motion

*sleep issues, or nightmares

*avoids spending time with friends

*has trouble in school

*loses interest in things they used to enjoy

*has little energy or, the reverse -- spells of intense activity

*harms themselves on purpose, or harms someone/something else

*engages in risky, destructive behavior

*smokes, drinks or uses drugs

*talks about mind control or hears voices

*has suicidal thoughts or actions

Contact us. We can help your teen, your family, your lives be calmer, more peaceful and productive.

* Mental Disorders.

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