What's New at Sanctuary

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It’s been another season of change for us, and we’re excited to share some of them with you.

At the very beginning of our Covid-19 journey, our partner Andrea just received her Pennsylvania license as a licensed professional counselor. This takes years of work and dedication, and we are extremely proud of her! Congratulations, Andrea Geesaman, LPC!!! Contact her at andrea@sanctuarychristiancounseling.com.

We are also delighted to welcome our newest associate, Ashley Gaines, LPC to Sanctuary Christian Counseling. Ashley is a guidance counselor at a local Christian school and is amazing working with children and teens. Her contact email is ashley@sanctuarychristiancounseling.com- give her a shout!

We have also welcomed Joel Covert to our team. He has been working for many years with the Shippensburg Young LIfe, as well as being a dedicated and outstanding school counselor, and now he has joined us to focus on preteens, teens and men. We are so glad to have him onboard! His email is joel@sanctuarychristiancounseling.com.

Also joining our team at Sanctuary Christian Counseling is Dr, Kristen Poppa, a licensed marriage and family therapist. Kristen is a pastor's kid herself and has a passion for working with ministry individuals and couples. She will practice exclusively online. You can reach her at kristen@sanctuarychristiancounseling.com. She's a most valuable addition to our team!

Sanctuary also welcomes our former intern, Jennie Sheffe of Carlisle, who just received her Master's degree in marriage and family therapy through Messiah University.  In addition to liking her work with individuals and couples, Jennie has a passion for military wives and families and hopes to work in that area with us.Her email is jennie@sanctuarychristiancounseling.com.

We have been discussing our newest therapy modality, Disconnect Recovery (TM), which is specifically aimed at helping couples and families deal with the impact of screens on their lives. DR therapy helps couples, families and individuals decide how to interact with today's technology in a way that enables them to enjoy its benefits while affirming relationships, health and connections. We are working on an e-Book, so look for that in the near future.

Sanctuary Online has been using a HIPAA-compliant platform since March 2020 to allow our licensed therapists access to anyone in Pennsylvania, no matter how far away from our base in Shippensburg. This means it doesn't matter if you live in Harrisburg or Eire or Selinsgrove -- we can help you. With special paperwork, rules and interfaces, online therapy is a safe and easy alternative to face-to-face work that can benefit new clients living in remoter areas as well as current clients who relocate or spend time away from home.


As always, we believe insurance for mental health issues isn’t a good idea, and because we don’t take insurance, we can be over-the-top confidential. We’re still promising no one will have access to our records – they will all stay in our offices. All the time, unless you wish us to share them. Never in the Cloud. Never on the ‘Net.  Safely locked behind three locks. That’s one more than the industry standard.


You’re safe here.


We’ve also added information about our new speaking engagements. In reality, we’ve already begun speaking on these issues, as recently as last week. However, we haven’t really talked about them here. Now we do. Check out Sanctuary speaks! We would love to come and share our expertise with your organization or group.

We offer some limited face-to-face therapy hours in our Shippensburg offices, which have been updated again. As soon as it's safe, we'll restock our refrigerator with great drinks (Starbucks frappes, sparkling water, gourmet teas) in our waiting room and refill the candy dish with seasonal favorites. We’re aiming to be tasteful and welcoming in our physical office space, as well as continuing to provide skilled counselors and therapists to help you live your best life. We intend to be the compassionate, creative Christian therapists in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.


Most of all, although we’ve made changes, we haven’t really changed. We are still dedicated to helping grieving individuals, distressed kids and teens and couples in conflict find peace, solutions and connection.

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