Premarital counseling

If you are getting married, congratulations! We're glad you're taking an important step towards a future together. Don't neglect to plan for your marriage, in the busyness of planning your wedding!

Premarital counseling helps young couples prepare for the inevitable --  and sometimes unexpected -- challenges of marriage. Within the supportive counseling environment, couples learn tools for enhancing communication and conflict management skills (and many other things, too) plus are encouraged and supported in talking over marital topics that they might otherwise have trouble discussing.

At Sanctuary Christian Counseling, we bring a faith-based approach to premarital counseling, as we do to our other forms of counseling. In addition, we offer the opportunity to supplement premarital counseling with one of two excellent resources, premarital "tests" from PREPARE, and/or the Gottman Relationship Survey. Both instruments help couples and their therapist to identify areas of growth and strength that can be tapped to help the couple get the best possible start in their life together and and navigate the important "firsts" of their life together successfully.


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