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Hope and healing for individuals

Anxiety, depression and grief are only a sampling of the difficulties that arise for everyone from time to time. You don't have to go it alone! We are here to help, with years of experience helping people heal past hurts, manage anxiety, process grief, and overcome depression.

We support clients of all ages in addressing a wide range of challenges and becoming the people they dream of being.  We will help you heal from the past and move towards health in the way that's best for you. As you seek healing and integration in all aspects of life, we will walk with you and aid you toward becoming your best self.

If the world is getting you down, and you need some time and help to process today's challenges, we can help. We can help you find your voice, accept your uniqueness and move forward in new and exciting ways. If you always put yourself last, now is the time to change that, and learn to thrive instead.

Andrea Geesaman, Rebecca TroutmanKristen Poppa,
Jess Hundley and Joel Covert
all work with adult individuals.

Individual therapy for adults, kids & teens

Woman's face near Shippensburg, PA. We do therapy for anxiety, depression and other individual counseling issues.
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