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We work with you ...

Are you tired of being unappreciated, overwhelmed and frustrated ... just trying to help others but also make a living doing it?


We can help! 

Psychology Session

Most of us who become therapists do so because we are helpers ... we genuinely love people and want to help them live happier, more successful and ... well, easier lives.

We study hard. We pay a lot of money for advanced degrees, and then do the hard work of supervision and extra education to fit ourselves to do what we love to do. 

But if we wind up in situations that aren't good for us, our dream can quickly go sour. Joining our team can help you restore your love of therapy, your joy in helping and your confidence that you can make a good living doing this work. 

We all do. You can, too. 

What's great about us ...

At Sanctuary Christian Counseling, we strive hard to exhibit excellent clinical skills, sincere caring and concern for our clients and a high-end atmosphere and experience for both clinicians and clients. 

All of us are contractors, which allows us to run our own businesses. Want Thursdays off for yoga with your daughter? Done. Want to take two or three-week vacations and see the world? Done. Want to work evenings, weekends or just weekdays .... done.


You decide when you work, and what the scope of your practice will be. While we will provide you with great referrals, we will not tell you what to do with them, as long as you are providing exceptional care and therapy. 

Mother and Daughter Meditating
Beach Chairs
Why work with us?

We offer the following: 

  • WELL above industry-standard compensation. 

  • Top-notch physical facilities with ample parking, large offices, great amenities and a congenial atmosphere.

  • State-of-the-art online therapy resources.

  • Skilled, caring colleagues who will surround you with support and love. 

  • A collaborative team in which each therapist is heard, seen and listened to. We strive to make every clinician happy at Sanctuary! 

  • Training and supervision options are available.

  • Full and part-time positions are possible as are online and face-to-face opportunities

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