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Jess Hundley LSW
Licensed Social Worker, 
specializing in mental health and trauma, parenting, children and individuals with disabilites

Jess's years of experience working with children with disabilities have made him passionate about helping parents manage stress. Jess has walked alongside individuals dealing with complex grief scenarios such as sudden loss, chronic illness, and caregiving stress. He also finds fulfillment in serving individuals with mental health concerns, substance use disorders, and those who have experienced trauma. Jess values the importance of psychoeducation and helping people understand how their brains and their bodies process different experiences and how they can learn new skills to achieve their goals.


Jess is a Licensed Social Worker currently working towards his clinical license and earned his Bachelor of Social Work in 2014 and his Master of Social Work in 2020, both at Shippensburg University. He uses various treatment modalities such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), but is continuing to learn about other therapeutic approaches that can be used in an eclectic and strengths-based approach to help his clients.


Jess believes in the importance of finding a holistic balance in life, by means of spiritual health, physical health, and emotional health. This may look like regular church attendance, physical fitness, attending therapy, going on daily walks in nature, or eating great food that nourishes the body and the soul, just to name a few. Although counseling can help identify distorted thought patterns, it is imperative that the ongoing work be maintained outside of a therapy session as well, and Jess hopes to assist you in finding whatever restorative practices and interventions will best suit your lifestyle in order to make the progress you desire.



Jess provides both in-person and virtual therapy sessions.


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Contact Jess at or 717-200-3158

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