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Jess Hundley LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, 
specializing in mental health and trauma, parenting, children and individuals with disabilites

With a passion cultivated through years of supporting parents managing stress and guiding individuals through complex grief scenarios, Jess is your dedicated ally on the path to emotional well-being. Specializing in assisting those dealing with mental health concerns, substance use disorders, and trauma, Jess goes beyond qualifications to focus on what he can do for you.

In his journey as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker actively pursuing clinical licensure, Jess draws from a wealth of experience. He obtained his Bachelor of Social Work in 2014 and his Master of Social Work in 2020 from Shippensburg University. He has taken additional trauma training, including EMDR certification. 

What sets Jess apart is his dedication to psychoeducation – empowering clients to understand how their brains and bodies process experiences. Through this insight, individuals gain the knowledge to acquire new skills and achieve their goals effectively.

At the core of Jess's philosophy is the belief in holistic balance. He recognizes the interconnectedness of spiritual, physical, and emotional health. Whether it's regular church attendance, fostering physical fitness, engaging in therapy, taking daily walks in nature, or savoring nourishing food, Jess advocates for a comprehensive approach to well-being.

Counseling with Jess is not just about identifying distorted thought patterns; it's about integrating transformative practices into your everyday life.

Jess offers the flexibility of both in-person and virtual therapy sessions, ensuring accessibility and convenience for your unique needs. Partner with Jess's Therapy Practice and embark on a journey towards transformative wellness – where your goals become achievable realities.

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Contact Jess at or 717-200-3158

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