Compassionate, creative, Christian
therapy in Shippensburg, PA
Who we are

We are a group of professional Christian therapists in Shippensburg, PA, who are passionate about helping you become the best you can be. Our experience includes marriage and family therapy, grief therapy, sex therapy, and individual therapy. 

What we do

We excel in  marriage and family therapy, including Gottman Method Couples Therapy, individual and family therapy, sex and sexual addiction therapy, premarital counseling, and therapy for teens/kids.


Who we help

We are here to help you find hope and tools to build the marriage you want, or to work with you to make peace with your past, understand current challenges, anxieties or depression, or move through grief and learn to live in peace.


We help grieving individuals, distressed kids and teens, and couples in conflict find peace, solutions and connection.

Even thinking about coming to counseling can feel overwhelming. We understand. Our goal is to make this process as easy, helpful and effective for you as possible by adding our experience, knowledge and professionalism to your unique personality, strengths and circumstances.

Whether you are a couple seeking a new and better connection, an individual wanting to work through some issues or past trauma, a teen needing a sympathetic but wise ear, a sex addict wanting support for sobriety, or another hurting person, we are here to help.

You deserve a caring professional counselor who fits your unique personality and issues. You need someone easy to talk to, who will really care about you. We think we are singularly suited to help you.


We encompass many options for your healing - marriage therapy, individual counseling, family services, spiritual direction, child and adolescent counseling, premarital counseling, sex therapy and sexual addiction work, and art therapy.

Imagine living the life you've always wanted. We can help you get there.

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