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Introducing... Disconnect Recovery

Feeling overwhelmed by today's media culture? Want to control your screens, rather than have them control you? We can help ...
Disconnect Recovery logo. Struggling with screens? We have therapy for that.

Internet use is pervasive, with roughly 90% of Americans under the age of 50 reporting that they go online at home and/or own a smartphone. In virtually all age ranges, except those over 50, this use has been growing, according to research by the Pew Research Group.


Research has found that, among those families with resources to afford it, home broadband Internet use continues at a steady nearly three-quarters of the population. In addition, half of all Americans use digital voice assistants, like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

We all use technology for our own purposes. Normally, it’s used in a proper way. Sadly, sometimes technology becomes so much of a person’s focus that he or she faces serious personal and interpersonal issues. As difficult as it is, there are ways to become less reliant on technology and more reliant on those around you.

At Sanctuary Christian Counseling, we see frequent problems with misuse of screens and Internet technology. In fact, nearly every client reports variations of difficulty with screens. Our phones are an extension of us, but where does that leave a partner? And how about the kids, who increasingly find a parent’s face buried in their phone, or even are handed their own screen far before they are ready developmentally to handle them?

Disconnect Recovery, a new therapy modality developed by Sanctuary Christian Counseling, aims to help couples, families and individuals heal from screen abuse and addiction. If you think screens are stealing an important part of your life, give us a call.

Andrea Geesaman is the primary Disconnect Recovery therapist at Sanctuary Christian Counseling. 

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