Depressed! What it was like for me.

I have always loved the Christmas holidays. So for that reason, I was a bit confused. Why was I sad this year? Very sad. So sad, in fact, that there were times I was struggling to hold in the tears. And times I didn’t even struggle. One memorable day I drove to Harrisburg, tears running down my face the whole way. For no apparent reason. Now, although I’m a therapist – have been for years – I’ve never been depressed before, so I didn’t really see this for what it was right away. Sure, there are family issues that could make me sad. Sure, I was busy, and didn’t really have time for me, and that could be a bit of a downer. Sure, the days were getting darker and that’s always difficult for peop

Brewing Hope- let's talk about transitions

Transitions in life can be difficult, even wanted or welcomed changes in life often come with an element of grieving and adjustment attached. Whether you are transitioning from a desired change or you are struggling due to a completely unexpected change, we are here to help. At Sanctuary Christian Counseling, we often see clients that are coping with significant changes in life. We all face transitions, some are welcomed and some are not, some are expected and some are not. Sometimes it is hard to know when to reach out for support and help in coming to terms with a transition in life. We thought it may be helpful to have a conversation about this topic, as it is sometimes minimized and not

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