Maybe it's the uncertainty ...

So if I follow that line of thinking logically, I’m more upset now because of the potential negative outcomes I see in the future – the way

Hitting the wall of overwhelm

I’ve been really irritable lately, and that’s not really like me. Oh, I certainly can be annoying to those who live with me (and manage to love me anyway) and I’m sure I can be a regular witch at times, but I’m generally optimistic and sunny in my outlook, not irritable and moody. But recently … I was processing this during my quiet time today and I realized it’s because not just are things out of my control, they are WILDLY out of my control. What in Heaven’s name is 2020 about? Most of us are resilient to some degree, and roll with the punches that life give us. Some of us are more resilient than others, and manage to smile through the battle. An even smaller percentage of us can actually

Keeping the Momentum

Quarantine has been a mixed bag for many people. For parents, it’s been a struggle trying to juggle kids, work, and life. For single persons and married couples without kids, it’s been about trying to stay ahead of everything. In most cases, we feel like we’re all trying to tread water. Adjusting to the new normal has been quite a journey in my household. The cat is probably the most bothered by the change in routine, because cats are creatures of habit. They like things to be the way they are, and when they change, they aren’t happy about it. But, there have been a lot of things accomplished in our household during quarantine. Things that we’ve discussed doing, but just haven’t had the time

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