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Andrea Geesaman: grief, photography and nature. Another of Sanctuary's outstanding therapists.

This is the second of our new blog series with profiles of each of our marvelous Sanctuary Christian Counseling therapists. We will run one every other Wednesday until we hit all of us ... so stay tuned!

This week we are featuring Clinical Director Andrea Geesaman, LPC, one of our full-time in-person and online therapists. Let's let her speak for herself ...

Question: Why did you become a therapist?

Andrea: At the age of 42, I became a widow. My life would never be the same, and I knew that I would never be the same. I personally gained a deeper understanding of how grief changes us and witnessed a community of support that showed up to help my family. Many of the things that I once valued and took for granted became much less significant and life took on a new meaning. During my own walk with grief, I felt God nudging me and calling me on a career path to help others who are also struggling. I paid attention to that calling and am forever grateful that I did. I love being a therapist, and I am passionate about helping my clients find meaning and purpose in their lives and heal from their own past traumatic losses and experiences.

Question: What kind of therapy do you love to do?

I love working with couples, helping them thrive in their marriages by exploring stuck points that often include unresolved hurt, feelings of betrayal, and negative communication and conflict patterns. I also love providing support and counseling to those struggling with grief. Grief is one of the most difficult experiences we face as human beings, and it profoundly change us. Counseling can help provide understanding of the grief process, a safe place to explore and share all of the emotions that accompany grief, and support in knowing you are not alone. I have spent much of my career and training in couples counseling and grief and loss counseling. I think one of the greatest things about what I do, is that I help clients understand that I am not here to empower them, but rather I am here to create a safe space where they will feel valued, heard and supported as they learn to empower themselves.

Question: What interests do you have both in the therapy world and outside it?

By nature, I am a curious and creative person and that motivates me to keep seeking to learn more about myself as a person and ways to expand and broaden my knowledge as a therapist. Professionally, I am pursuing more training and development in the areas of Emotionally Focused Therapy and Internal Family Systems. Personally, I have been enjoying botanical photography and painting. I love the outdoors and spending quiet time seeking beauty in all things.

See more about Andrea at her page here

Andrea's email is and she can be reached at 717-200-3158, extension 3.


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