Time for a FACES lift?

You’ve given thanks; are you ready to stress? Some of you might already be stressed after preparing a Thanksgiving meal, Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, and thinking ahead to the end of the year. Many things raise our blood pressure – family obligations, traffic, travel, end of the year stuff at work, holiday shopping (and shoppers), traffic… Maybe you’re one of the few who can avoid stress or handle it well. For the rest, I invite you to consider your faces. Dr. Dan Siegel, an expert in interpersonal neurobiology, has proposed that we are more integrated—that is, mentally and emotionally healthy—when we pay attention to how our lives are flexible, adaptive, coherent, energized, and

When families aren't friendly: help for holidays and other disasters

It’s holiday time. A time to gather together, give thanks to God, enjoy friends and family, celebrate our blessings, give and receive gifts and love. Except, for many, being together with family is NOT a blessing. One of the worst parts of the holiday season for many folks is the stark contrast between the Norman Rockwell picture of American family life and the reality of their own dysfunctional families. Nowhere is this more profound than during the holiday season, when seemingly everyone is locked in the bosom of their loving family, eating turkey, unwrapping gifts and watching football. For many, locked in unhappy childhood memories and current drama, the holidays become something to be e

Brewing Hope-Let's talk about technology

The topic of technology is very often discussed in many different contexts, as it impacts our lives personally and professionally on a daily basis. It is a powerful tool that has helped shape our modern world both in positive and not so positive ways. How technology has impacted the world of mental health is no different. As this month’s topic of discussion, we thought we would be candidly open about how technology shapes our practice and profession. How has technology helped streamline your practice? Ellen-“Technology has made it handy to be able to text or email reminders or rescheduling. I also use my iPad for clinical notes, which is extremely handy, as I have more access to them when I

Of Marriage Therapy, and Seven Ways to Make It Work Better For You and Your Spouse

Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba/ UnSplash Don’t let anyone fool you. Marriage is HARD. It just is. It takes so much commitment, grace, love, forgiveness, understanding, mercy and sheer grit. When I see premarital couples or newlyweds, my heart melts with their honest, endearing and warm love for each other. You can just see their faces light up at the sight of each other. Their love inspires. It feels fresh and lovely. What could go wrong? Many things, sadly. Couples get into trouble in all kinds of ways, and, when they do, frequently they seek out therapy to get that sparkle back. It’s a great choice. Quite frequently, the only way couples can find their mojo again is with the help of a knowledg

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