Beach ball of emotions

I recently dropped off my oldest at college. I found myself in a strange headspace, not completely resonating with what I have been seeing on social media from other moms of new college students. Many mothers shared experiences of grief, sadness, and anxiety (especially in light of 2020’s additional collective traumas). Some staunchly refused to shed tears, carrying their stoic commitment to giving their children wings like a torch. In the other hand they carried the torch of determination to enjoy their empty nest years. And me? I was feeling all of it. I was not neatly polarized on one side or another, but rather a tangled mess of unpredictable contradictions of emotion. I suspect I am not

Fast Tips for Virtual Learning

The school year is coming quickly and there are a lot of uncertainties coming up. Many school districts are going completely virtual in order to protect students, faculty, and staff. Others are offering virtual as an option, and many parents are taking that option. There has been more time to prepare than what we saw in March, but many schools and families are sitting like deer in headlights when it comes to figuring out the logistics. We're getting more information passed down, and many of us are starting to plan things out. The fact is, virtual learning is very different than learning in a classroom. Whether you're sending a 3rd grader to virtual elementary school or you're taking a gradua

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