Simon says... trust yourself

As a child, I remember playing Simon Says, where the game leader (Simon), would voice instructions to all of the game players to follow the commands given, but only when they were prefaced with the phrase “Simon says”. The goal of Simon was to create a level of distraction by speeding up the directives. When the players seemed to be reacting instead of putting thought to their actions, Simon would interject a command without saying, “Simon Says” to catch them off guard and eliminate them from the game. I am sure most of you remember this game too. Personally, I never liked playing Simon Says, mainly because I don’t like to feel rushed or pressured to make quick decisions. The game made me fe

Keeping calm in uncertain times

From time to time this current situation – our Coronavirus quarantine – gets to me I go along having ok days, doing my therapy online, livin

Cabin Fever

So how are you doing? This quarantine is pretty weird isn’t it? I just found myself baking bread. BREAD. And I know I’m not alone. People are doing all kinds of things they’ve never done before. This seems to be the ultimate in “I’ll do that someday.” Today is the new someday. I’ve seen friends picking up new habits, doing things they never had the time – or possibly the inclination – to do when we had our “regular” lives. For some, this has been a somewhat stress-free time in which their regular schedule has given way to something a little more … relaxed. Others have had their stress multiplied by the loss of income, the care of children and other family members, by the Covid-19 virus itse

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