Are you trying to fix your spouse?

Several year ago, I remember sitting at the kitchen table helping my then third-grade daughter with her Everyday Math homework. While this isn’t a blog to discuss my opinions about the Everyday Math curriculum, I remember wanting to pull my hair out in frustration as I sat and stared at the lattice grid that reminded me of a Punnett Square of tenth-grade biology class. Once we worked through a few problems, I still sat scratching my head in bewilderment. I was trying to find some positive message and lessons to be learned from this new abstract concept to solve a simple math problem, as this new approach seemed foreign from what I knew and the way I learned. What I found appealing was the bi

It is good to be back

It is good to be back! While I have missed writing our blogs and connecting with you through my writing the last few months, I have been busy doing some design work and other creative marketing and research for Sanctuary that I am passionate about. I thought I would take this first blog in my series to check in. I hope all of you are enjoying your summer. It is by far my favorite season and I have been trying to take advantage of all the opportunities that summer has to offer. One of the things that I am most grateful for is the sun! It has been a beautiful gift to just have the sun shining after what seemed like almost two solid years of rain. I have enjoyed traveling this summer from Maine

We interrupt our regular schedule ...

It’s summer, so naturally my thoughts are turning towards vacation. I don’t have one coming up for about six weeks. Yikes! I did just have a long weekend, though. None of us would dispute that taking a vacation-type break occasionally is good for us. Most people come back from this kind of break feeling energized, ready to tackle their jobs with renewed passion and vigor. There really aren’t many downsides to vacations. However, thinking about taking a break had me thinking about more mundane types of interruptions. You know – the kind that happen all the time and frustrate all of us. Even for those without an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) diagnosis, interruptions can drive

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