Five things to consider on your birthday

Every year each of us has the chance for a small do-over, a fresh start. I’m talking about our birthdays. I just had one, so I suppose that’s what makes me think about how birthdays can, in some ways, be touch points in your year. There’s nothing like a day to celebrate just you to get you thinking about your life, the good, the bad and the ugly. Here are some things to consider around your birthday: Are there people you need to make things right with – those whom you have hurt or who have hurt you? Are there people you just need to have a tough conversation with?Does anyone have anything against you? In that same vein, are there people you just should connect with? Those you’ve lost touch w

At Sanctuary, we help clients find connection

Connection. It’s what life’s all about, isn’t it? We connect with others – loved ones, friends, business acquaintances, the people at the grocery store. And when we can’t connect, we panic. Oh, we may not throw a fit or have a panic attack, but deep inside, the us that craves connection worries when we don’t have it and fears we’ll never get it again. It’s truly that important. We were created to have connection, with others, and with our Creator. It’s just a part of our makeup. And it’s one of the most important things we help our clients heal at Sanctuary Christian Counseling. We help grieving individuals, distressed teens and couples in conflict find peace, solutions and connection. Some

At Sanctuary, we help clients find solutions

Let’s face it. Few people come to therapy because everything is going well in their lives. You come because you are hurting. Because something – or someone – is making you miserable. Or sad. Or angry. Or maybe a whole lot of emotions. You come to be heard. And to hear. To get insight. And help to process that insight. You come for solutions. We don’t have them. But we can help you find them. At Sanctuary, we help grieving individuals, distressed teens and couples in conflict find peace, solutions and connection. Solutions. We can find them together. It’s tempting to think that we can tell you what to do. That our wisdom – gleaned from years of hearing problems and solutions and insight and

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