A Slow Feast or a Drive-Thru Window?

Recently, I harvested the first lettuce and basil from our vegetable and herb garden. I always was interested in gardening and considered myself a fairly healthy eater, but I admit I had some habits that weren’t serving me well. We all have our weaknesses right? Well, mine consisted of too much coffee and potato chips to name a few. In my final semester of grad school, I found myself extremely fatigued with joint pain and hair loss. At first, I attributed these symptoms to working two jobs and attending grad school full-time. It made sense that my crazy schedule and late nights studying had taken a toll on my forty-something body and I just needed a few weeks to recover. Well, I was wrong! A

Memorable first lines of books, the book lover and a big book sale

“It was a dark and stormy night,”* and I was curled up with one of my favorite books. Not too much else I love to do more. I love books. Full stop. This is not news to those who know me. And, for those who love me (and live with me) it is certainly not news. My home is filled with books. I love it. My family, sometimes, not so much. “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”** To be fair, I get this honestly. I was taken to the library from the time I could draw breath and my greatest joy as a child was wandering the library stacks, picking up a stack of my own to take home and enjoy nearly every day in the summer. “It was love at first sight.” *** My par

Opening our "house"

This weekend marks our second annual Open House. Can we even call it annual when it’s only number 2? However you think of it, we’re opening our doors Sunday afternoon from 2-4 to showcase some of our new thoughts – some new ideas, offerings, packages …. In other words, new ways for us to connect with you. We are dedicated to helping you live your best life. Here’s what’s new … Packages For the first time ever, we’re offering packages that will help diverse groups of people who are at particular risk for marital stress and strain. We now have special plans for various life transitions, including ones for those who are expecting a baby, building a new home, and facing an empty nest. In our exp

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