Strength in the struggle

Joy comes from trusting God to get you through it, ... and the closer relationship you cultivate with God along the way.

Lessons learned in the dirt

My hubby and I are kind of indifferent gardeners. We’ve almost always had a garden, if by “having a garden” I mean having one pitiful tomato or herb plant somewhere around the place. Several consecutive years – but a bit ago – we had a lovely raised bed garden by the sunny side of our house. Then we got busy traveling and let it go. It became a raised bed that our dogs found irresistible for some reason – they were always walking in it, which we know is not conducive to having plants in there. So we didn’t. Enter 2020 and the Coronavirus pandemic. We, like so many, turned our thoughts to self-sufficiency. Since we don’t have the space for livestock, and wouldn’t know what to do with them any

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