Tackling Anxiety Face First

When I was 28 years old, I was diagnosed with social anxiety and a panic disorder. Now, granted, I knew I was anxious. I had been struggling with most social activities for several years at that point, and I needed to figure out how to deal with it. Granted, I was tired of it. I didn't like the feelings that I felt when I had to get groceries or at those times when I needed to go ahead and pick up the phone to make a phone call. And to be honest, I'd tried dealing with it a few times before. I'd been in and out of counseling, seeing a total of 5 different counselors before I started working with the one that helped me with my breakthrough. I worked with one other after her, mainly because nu

Let love prevail

What would our world – our country – look like if we did that? If instead of hate, instead of divisive language, instead of justifications,

Being Okay With Rest

Here's the thing. If you ask my family, I'm a bit of a workaholic. I get it from my stepdad - if I could work all day every day without consequence, I would likely try to do so. My mind is always going, I always have new ideas, and I need to do things now, now, now! One of the biggest struggles that I have in my life is resting. I have such a hard time just sitting down, telling my brain to shut up, and working out what it is that needs to be taken care of for whatever reason. And I have always been this way - ever since college, I always had to do this, take care of that, work out everything and make sure that it was done in a particular way at a particular time. I suck at resting. One of t

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