To be or not to be...on Facebook

Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. Etc....... Social media. Most of us have some strong feelings about it, one way or another. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Several of my closest friends and family are not or are no longer on. I'm pretty sick of the ads and "fake news" myself. But it's the only way I see anything from some of my other friends and family, and I do appreciate seeing their humor, achievements, creativity, updates, and so on. The problem is, that open sharing. That blessing in disguise. Or maybe curse in sheep's clothing. It's not really anonymous, unless you have a fake profile (which opens up whole 'nother can of worms). But it's not really face to face either. An


I love science fiction and fantasy, and I believe I’ve already said what a book lover I am. That being said, I’m currently reading a fantasy book in which there are invisible people. What a concept. I was thinking about this … in the book, the people are there, but everyone over the age of seven conspires not to see them, thus perpetuating the myth that they are not there at all. Children and babies see them, but older kids and adults pretend the people don’t exist. There are people in our culture like that, too. And plenty of people perpetuating the myth that they are invisible. Day after day, someone sits in front of me in my therapy office and tells me how insignificant they feel. How the


What happened when I got my results back ...

The perils of Ellen, queen of the procrastinators

MXLLS​​We haven’t posted a blog in several weeks here at Sanctuary Christian Counseling. It’s my fault. Despite having about five blogs written and ready to go – well, not even one got posted. Why? Because I procrastinate. UGH. Most days, I’d rather do almost anything than mess around doing “work” stuff once I’m home. After I’ve put in a long day of therapy, I do NOT want to do a thing but veg out with my husband and puppies in front of the TV when I get home. I get lazy. My focus is shot. I procrastinate. So, rather than posting one of those five written blogs, I’ve finally convinced myself to do something about the empty Sanctuary Christian Counseling blog page and, in the process, learn a


I saw some beautiful white flowers this morning. They looked wonderful with the pink of the roses and the purple of the balloon flowers. Unfortunately, as pretty as they were, they had to go. Wild morning glory. Completely infesting the flower bed. Vines were tangled around the beauty bush and rose bush. The roots are spread throughout the bed and into the surrounding grass, linked together in tangled strings and never going where one thought they should. It took an hour for a 3x5 (or so) bed, and I still didn't get quite all of it (that's above ground). As I was pulling and digging, I thought this was a great analogy for the therapy process. Most of us have things in our lives that look ok

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