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Joel Covert: Loving life, the outdoors and helping others. Another great Sanctuary therapist!

This is the fifth of our new blog series with profiles of each of our marvelous Sanctuary Christian Counseling therapists. We will run one on an irregular schedule until we hit all of us ... so stay tuned! This one profiles Joel Covert, LPC, a fantastic Sanctuary therapist.

Question: Why did you become a therapist?

Joel: I often share with others that the therapy profession found me first. I did have some interest in being a therapist during my college undergraduate years, but stepped in another direction. Later in my career, school counseling found me by somewhat of a divine appointment which then led into the desire to be a therapist. My school counseling experience laid a foundation for private therapy in that I'm often using therapeutic skills in my work with students to enhance their emotional/social, academic and career success.

Joel Covert in the woods with a stream
Joel Covert, one of Sanctuary's excellent therapists

Question: What kind of therapy do you love to do?

I have my Masters of Education in Secondary School Counseling and I am a National Certified Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor. I enjoy face-to-face counseling with individuals but have a desire to start working with couples. In counseling, I adhere to various theoretical approaches such as Emotional Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Person Centered Therapy along with examining Family Systems. I enjoy using a strengths-based, experiential, in-the-moment approach to assist clients to address concerns with anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, goals/career, and relationship conflicts. I believe that the client and counselor relationship is paramount to understanding one's emotions, beliefs and behaviors - one's self - and the self in relationship to others.

Question: Who do you primarily help?

I primarily work with young adults ages 17+ up through older adults.

Question: Tell us a little about you, personally...

I have been married for 30 years and have resided in the Shippensburg area for 20 years. Boy, how time has flown! I work professionally full-time as a school counselor and work two evenings a week as a therapist with Sanctuary. My wife and I have two children in their mid-20s. In my free time, you'll likely find me in a beautiful stream with a fly rod in my hand as fly fishing is my passion. But, I also enjoy cycling, hiking and reading. My wife and I also enjoy mentoring college-aged students and young adults.

Question: Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know?

I can't stress enough the benefits of being outside. Nature is "God's playground." Research shows that being out in nature has the power to improve our mood, reduce our stress and/or depression and allow us to feel more calm and balanced. So, when you can, get outside. Be with others, but be alone at times. Be present and be caring of what you've been given.

You can learn more about Joel here and contact him at or call him at 717-200-3158. .


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