At Sanctuary, we help distressed teens (and their parents)

When your children are babies, you look into their cribs and think how every sweet and innocent they are. They coo, and sometimes cry, and you think they will always tug at your heartstrings. When they’re teens, you sometimes wonder what happened. Where did the sweet, innocent child go? It’s common for teens and parents to be stressed, distressed and frustrated, both with life and with each other. We can help. We offer individual therapy for teens (or parents!) as well as family therapy for the whole family. We love to bring greater connection to families and help them find solutions for the various issues that sometimes come between teens and their parents. Instead of discord, your home can

At Sanctuary, we help grieving individuals

At Sanctuary Christian Counseling we’ve become experts in several things, taking extra training and having unique experiences in some vital areas. We’ve summarized this in our new motto: “We help grieving individuals, distressed teens and couples in conflict find peace, solutions and connection.” Today, grieving individuals is my focus. Grief catches us all. Mostly, it comes stealthily, by surprise. Sometimes it comes slowly and painfully. Sometimes it sits down and puts its feet up, and stays for a long, long while. It’s seldom easy. And it isn’t always necessary for there to be a death in your life circle for you to struggle with grief. We see it everyday in many aspects of life. Dealing w

Chhh... changes

Today is May first, or May Day. At Sanctuary Christian Counseling, we’re celebrating this tiny holiday with some new things, with more coming shortly. It’s been a season of change for us, and we’re excited to share some of them with you. You may have noticed some changes to this website today – many more pages giving more information about all the things we offer; many new and exciting options to help you heal; new pictures and a unified color scheme to tie it all together; tag lines that reflect what we do in a better way. We’ve added a page that talks about why we believe insurance for mental health issues isn’t a good idea, and how, because we don’t take insurance, we can be over-the-top

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