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The perils of blogging

Throughout my life, writing has been great; enjoyable even. Through two Bachelor’s degrees, two Master’s degrees, a newspaper career and numerous newsletters, brochures and so on, writing has pretty much been a friend to me.

Not so now.

Who would have thought that the idea of a regular blog would be what it took to stymie those creative juices? To dry up any interesting ideas I once had? To bring me, sweating and nearly cursing, to my computer screen?

Write a blog, they said. It will drive traffic to your website, they said. It’s easy, they said.

I wish they were writing these blogs.

So I’m slogging away, trying to make sense and be at least a little relevant: To give more than I take, to inform and not just amuse.

I’ve been resistant: I haven’t wanted to face the fact that this is a necessity of modern-day marketing –that, regardless of my reluctance, this is something I should do.

I know I have something to say, and it is my genuine desire to help my readers – to give them a little something that will help them live the lives they’ve always wanted.

Thank you for being graceful with me on this journey. I promise more – and better – writings ahead. Stay tuned.

They said you would enjoy hearing from me; that the musings of my heart and mind would have relevance for you.

May they be right.

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