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The Power of a Post-It Note

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A few days ago, my daughter had a late-night field hockey game. I could see tired written all over her face as she stumbled to the kitchen for breakfast the next morning. Normally, she packs her lunch the night before, however, since she didn’t return home until after 10:00 p.m., she kindly asked if I would help her. I gladly packed her lunch and saw her off to school.

Later that day, I thought about her and wondered if she was still tired and how her day was going. I remembered times in grade school or early middle school when I would often pack her lunch that randomly included a “ Love, Mom” note in her lunchbox to let her know that I was thinking of her and hopefully brighten her day. I realized that I hadn’t done that in several years! I had fallen out of the habit of demonstrating a small act of kindness that could bring her a smile. I reflected on how easy it is to fall out of a habit that we know brings joy to others and how difficult it is to put good intentions into practice. Why is it so hard to remember to do something so small? It is easy to justify a long list of reasons of why we fall short in this crazy busy life and I am particularly good at that at times.

Work deadlines.

Shuffling the kids to practice.

Paying the bills.




I am sure this list sounds somewhat familiar.

I took a few minutes to analyze how my performance of demonstrating these small acts of love was lacking lately. Looking inward can be difficult, as it usually sheds light on areas we need to work on and change. It prompts us to ask ourselves uncomfortable questions that we know will take some sacrifice on our part.

“Have I allowed the busyness of life to keep me from showing kindness to others?”

“Have I gotten lazy at making efforts in my relationships?”

“How can I do better to demonstrate love?”

It takes vulnerability to admit our shortcomings.

The good news is that these small gestures can take just a few minutes out of our day, but can have a sizable positive impact, not only in our primary relationships, but also in the way we relate to others and it can improve how we view ourselves and our contribution to the world.

Whether it be sending a post-it note or a loving text, extending a compliment or a thank you, paying for someone’s coffee in line, or simple ways of lending a hand- give it a try and see how random acts of kindness can make a huge difference in your life.

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