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When you just can't ... grace

I’ve been trying to write a blog most of the week.

I’ve had lots of ideas.

I’ve had lots of clients who have given me lots of great material.

I love to write.

green plant near Sanctuary Christian Counseling in Shippe3nsburg PA

But for some reason, I just can’t.

So … I’m writing this bit because I know this happens to all of us. Sometimes, no matter how good our intentions, no matter how many ideas we have or how motivated we are, life happens and we just don’t get done what we want or need to.

It happens to ALL of us.

This week was my turn.

Next time you find yourself inexplicably unable to do something, give yourself some grace.

It isn’t ok to use this as an excuse, or to make it a lifestyle. Not taking responsibility is NOT okay. Sometimes you just have to do whatever it is, even when you can’t.

But sometimes the whole world doesn’t rise and set on what YOU do, and sometimes it’s okay to give yourself a break.

It’s okay not to beat yourself up. To pull yourself up by the bootstraps, move on in the midst of failure, and give grace, even to yourself.

When its your turn to drop the ball, remember my words. Move on, with grace. Do the next important thing that has to be done and try not to focus on the minor thing you didn’t do.

Or belatedly do the thing you needed to do if it's really important. Better late than never sometimes.

In any of it, give yourself grace, just like you would like others to give you.

Grace. What a concept!

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