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The Benefits of Nature from a Mental Health Perspective

This article makes me feel hopeful that this may be a stepping stone for other countries to also examine how we can benefit from nature and how we can implement nature and other creative techniques into treatment options for our mental and physical wellness.

I love nature and the many benefits it provides, both mentally and physically. I always feel better after some yoga, kayaking, or a walk in the woods. Finding time and motivation can be obstacles but the benefits are numerous, and there is much research that supports this.

A research study in July 2017, “Nature Contact and Human Health; A Research Agenda” published by Environmental Health Perspectives, examines the link between nature and our mental and physical well being.

Stay tuned…

I am excited to announce a small way that I will be introducing nature and its benefits to women struggling from the loss of a spouse. I will be conducting a monthly nature walk support group beginning in April for widows. More announcements and information will be available on our website

in January 2020.

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